Affirmation Secrets - Learning to Take the Long View of Life

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There is a tiny secret that you need to know when working with affirmations.  Apply this secret and watch your success rate soar and your results come faster and faster. Interested? It's easy and it will only take a bit of effort on your part. And by a bit of effort I mean changing the way you look at things - everyday as you speak your affirmations.

Here is the secret: When you speak and visualize your affirmations see yourself with your affirmation fulfilled and you years later in the future.

Here is an example:

You are interested in earning more money so you can enjoy the finer things in life. That seems pretty straight forward, right? All you have to do is formulate a few affirmations and stick with them and over time your results will appear. That is correct. But there is a quicker method and it does not involve any magic or tricks.

The quicker and more effective method is to speak your affirmation and see yourself years after, your specific affirmation is fulfilled. If you want to earn more money speak your specific affirmation and see yourself 20 years down the road, working in a fantastic career, earning more money that you can spend, your family and loved ones well provided for, your favourite charities eager to get your donations, your kids well educated and settled on their own, and on and on.

Or if you want to be healthy (and currently are not) see yourself in your golden years slim, slender, in great shape, able to easily take care of yourself and the picture of health.

If you earnestly follow this affirmation secret you will surely manifest your current specific affirmation. Why? If you can see yourself 20 years down the road with your new desired life intact and flowing then sometime in between now and 20 years from now your life situation turned onwards and upwards. This long term view method also really helps you relax into the flow of the affirmation rather than getting caught up in checking for results every five minutes. Try this affirmation secret and see your results come quicker. It works!

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Affirmation Secrets - Learning to Take the Long View of Life

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This article was published on 2010/04/02